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Tidal Power

Our expert advice on tidal energy in the UK paved the way for Government to begin a full investigation into the potential for generating 4.4% of the UK’s electricity needs from the Severn Estuary, while setting tough conditions for the social and environmental sustainability of the project.

Our advice on tidal energy:

SDC Report on Tidal Power

Turning the tide report: downloadDownload: Turning the Tide, Tidal Power in the UK
Download: Turning the Tide, Executive Summary
Fersiwn Cymraeg

View: Press release (1st October 2007)

Commissioned Research Reports

Research Report 1 - UK tidal resource assessment
Research Report 2 - Tidal technologies overview
Research Report 3 - Severn barrage proposals
Research Report 4 - Severn non-barrage proposals
Research Report 5 - UK case studies

On Stream Booklet

On Stream is a non-technical guide to tidal stream, designed to inform those interested in finding out more about the development and potential of this new technology.

Download: On Stream
Commissioned Engagement

SDC Evaluation Process Design - Tidal Power
Public and Stakeholder Engagement Report
Stakeholder Invitee Lists: 27/03/2007 - Aberdeen, 29/03/2007 - Cardiff
SDC tidal power project stakeholder workshop - Northern (Aberdeen) Transcript
SDC tidal power project stakeholder workshop - Southern (Cardiff) Transcript 

We were subsequently commissioned to advise Ministers on how the project might compensate for lost habitats by creating new ones of equal value, in accordance with the EU Habitats Directive.

» Equal Value: Can a major Severn Tidal Power scheme be compatible with enhancing the Natura 2000 Biodiversity Network? 

» The conclusions of the Government's feasibility study - Severn Tidal Power