We are the UK Government’s independent adviser on sustainable development. Through advocacy, advice and
appraisal, we help put sustainable development at the heart of Government policy

Local and Regional Government

Boys playing footballThe SDC has engaged at central, regional, and local levels to enable and support the delivery of local sustainable development. There were many excellent examples of regional and local activity driving forward sustainable development, but the SDC believed there was further potential to deliver more long-term, sustainable solutions to local challenges. Our work showed that this required local leadership, public engagement, crossing boundaries in how public services work together, and commitment and unwavering support from central government.

Projects included helping local areas understand what environmental limits mean to them; developing proposals for a basket of local indicators that can be used to guide and track progress towards sustainable development; investigating ways to improve the capability of the English regions, local authorities and their partners to deliver sustainable development; providing resources to those making financial decisions in local government; sharing best practice across the sector; and providing advice and support to a variety of Government departments and their agencies when necessary.

Key Publications

» Know your environmental limits: A local leaders’ guide 

» Local decision-making and sustainable development

» Local Sustainable Development Lens: Final Proposal

» Pilot of Local SD Lens

» The Future is Local: Empowering communities to improve their neighbourhoods

» SDC Response to the Comprehensive Area Assessment consultation

» Inspiring a Sustainable Local Future: a cross-government workshop on communicating clear messages to local government on sustainable development.

» Consultation on Local Strategic Partnerships: Shaping their future - A response from the SDC

» Read our report, Seeing the Bigger Picture: Delivering Sustainable Development