Case Studies

MOD - Strensall training area and the dark-bordered beauty moth
Strensall Training Area is situated approximately six miles north-east of the City of York and covers an area of approximately 654 hectares (1615 acres)...

DEFRA - Public Sector Travel Procurement Initiative (PSTPI)
As a result of this early intervention and focus on sustainability from the concept of the initiative, Defra and the supplier have devised a travel booking system that automatically captures rail, air and ferry travel data and calculates the carbon emissions generated.

Department for International Development - Video-conferencing facilities
Video-conferencing (VC) has been established in the Department for International Development (DFID) for 9 years and use of this is steadily increasing. Currently there are 66 units within three UK offices, and 45 units in Overseas Offices. The total number of countries (including the UK) covered by VC is 36.

Forestry Commission case study - The Dartmoor rehabilitation project
In January 2004 the Forestry Commission (FC) agreed to take on two prisoners for voluntary work experience as part of the HMP Dartmoor resettlement programme.

HM Court Services (HCMS) case study - Development of court specific BREEAM
The DCA has a court building programme run centrally from its HMCS Estates Division. This program sponsors all new Court builds...

Forestry Commission case study - Reduction of CO2 emissions
The Forestry Commission (FC) has introduced a number of projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through a range of measures which have included the following...