Comparison with last year

Year on year changes
Table 2.5 below provides a year on year comparison to provide an alternative view on Government performance. The table only uses data from those departments that have reported in both 2004/05 and 2005/06. It excludes departments that have not reported, or have only reported for one of the two years. Therefore, this must be looked on as a crude comparison. Data values may be different elsewhere in the report where other departments have been included, or where comparisons are being made with the target baseline year and not 2004/05.

Target 2004/05 2005/06
CO2 emissions from transport 122,961 tonnes 78,358 tonnes
Water use 2,677,151 m3 2,552,156 m3
Waste arising 164,790 tonnes 186,380 tonnes
Recycling 44,993 tonnes 65,373 tonnes
Carbon emissions from energy 825,500 tonnes 806,500 tonnes
Indication of total CO2 emissions 3,148,969 tonnes 3,035,938 tonnes
SSSIs in favourable/recovering status Approximately 152 of 231 (66%) Approximately 306 of 380 (80.5%)