We are the UK Government’s independent adviser on sustainable development. Through advocacy, advice and
appraisal, we help put sustainable development at the heart of Government policy

Thematic Reviews

As part of our Watchdog remit, the SDC undertakes thematic reviews of important government policy areas that are likely to have a significant impact on the government's aim of achieving sustainable development. Over recent years the SDC has completed the following reviews:

Review of public service regulators» Review of Public Service Regulators - Review of public service regulators and sustainable development: looking at regulators of education, healthcare and local government (published September 2009).


 » The Big Energy Shift - The SDC was commissioned by DECC to produced a review of stakeholder perceptions of what the barriers and levers are to adopting more sustainable energy technology across the public sector (published July 2009).

» JMP's Review of Government Travel - We have commented on JMP’s report A Review of Government Travel, commissioned by the SDC and OGC, which maps out the key issues for developing sustainable travel in central government departments and their executive agencies (published June 2009).

» Green, healthy and fair - Reviewing the extent to which supermarkets deliver a sustainable food system in the UK and the role of Government in facilitating this (published February 2008).

» Lost in Transmission? – The role of Ofgem in a changing climate - An evaluation of the role of Ofgem as energy regulator in offering the public a fairly priced, reliable, flexible and efficient energy system (published September 2007).

Building houses or creating communities? front cover» Building Houses or Creating Communities? - An assessment of whether the Government has delivered on its promise to create sustainable communities (published May 2007).