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Sustainable Development in Government (SDiG) Assessment

WhitehallThe UK government has committed itself to lead by example on sustainable development, to inspire and encourage others to achieve the changes needed. Covering an area of half a million hectares, emitting over three million tonnes of CO2 and with direct responsibility for a multi-million pound budget for goods and services, the UK Government has set itself sustainable development targets to ensure it runs its estate and travel operations more sustainably.

The targets cover carbon emissions, energy, travel, water and waste management, and managing land for biodiversity.

The Framework for Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE), 2006 outlines these targets in more detail. 

The SDC's watchdog role, as set out in Securing the Future, requires the SDC to assess and report on Government's own operations and procurement practices. These annual SDC reports are based on data submitted by each Department, and set out how well the Government is meeting its targets and highlights future challenges for government.

Prior to 2007/08 performance, the Sustainable Development in Government Report (SDiG) report provided an assessment of, and commentary on, Government’s performance against the Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE) targets.

» Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE) Assessment provides a comparative assessment of how each Departmental family is performing against all of the SOGE target areas.

» Sustainable Development in Government (SDiG) Report provides a broader review of the overall standing of sustainability in Government, citing case studies and making recommendations.