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Building Houses or Creating Communities?

Classification:Watchdog, Sustainable Communities, Housing and Regeneration, Governance
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
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Summary:imageIn its first thematic review, the SDC scrutinises the Sustainable Communities Plan, launched by the Labour Government in 2003. The report, based on site visits and interviews with local authorities, developers and residents, assesses whether the Government has delivered on its promise to create sustainable communities.

Building houses or creating communities? praises the way in which Ministers at the Department for Communities and Local Government have addressed sustainability issues, and identifies some impressive examples of good practice. But overall the SDC finds that few communities built to date have lived up to the promise of being environmentally sensitive, well-connected, thriving and inclusive.

Our recommendations to Government include:

• Connecting new housing with existing communities, rather than sprawling into undeveloped land. This will help to regenerate existing communities and improve job prospects.

• Raising standards for water and energy efficiency measures, e.g. by installing water meters and high quality insulation in all homes.

• Consulting with residents extensively and in an on-going way about the future of their communities.

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Evidence base papers:

Paper 1: - In-depth review of sustainable communities policy
Paper 2: - Bridging Newcastle Gateshead
Paper 3: - Elevate East Lancashire
Paper 4: - Cambridgeshire
Paper 5: - Barking and Dagenham
Paper 6: - Stoke
Paper 7: - Manchester/ Salford
Paper 8: - Milton Keynes
Paper 9: - Blackburn
Paper 10: - Qualitative householder Research - South Cambridgeshire, Barking and Dagenham

Purpose:The SDC's review of Government progress on Sustainable Communities.

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