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Breakthroughs for the twenty-first century

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Summary:imageWe knew there were good ideas out there – compelling propositions that, put into action, could really help make the UK more sustainable. So we invited experts, practitioners and enthusiasts to share their thinking with us, and those breakthrough ideas started pouring in. And because sustainable development has intergenerational equity at its core, we made a point of seeking the views of young people too.

To put together a portfolio of the best and brightest, we’ve looked at every single one of the 285 submissions we received from organisations and individuals across the UK. As we sifted out those we felt were the strongest, we were looking for ideas that could create some kind of shift in the next three to five years – or at least make steps towards a longer term change – as well as inspire others to make that change.

Our selection meetings, involving Commissioners and policy analysts from across the SDC, led to a shortlist of 40 ideas which we then took to a wider audience, to get more feedback and see whether others shared our enthusiasm. Over 200 commentaries helped us decide on the final package of ideas we wanted to present. The nineteen ‘Breakthrough Ideas’ set out on the following pages are spread across the spectrum of sustainable development, with solutions ranging from policy change to grassroots action to technological innovation. They encompass varying levels, from individuals, to communities, cities, and things that need to be done at national or international level. Indeed, many of the ideas are driven from the grassroots, but require government to act as the enabler.
the enabler.

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