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Sustainable Development in Government (SDiG) 2008: Challenges for Government

Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
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Summary:imageEach year the SDC undertook a Sustainable Development in Government (SDiG) assessment, examining central government's progress against the operations and procurement targets and commitments of the Framework for Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate.

Our seventh annual SDiG assessment found good overall progress by the UK Government, especially on targets for water, waste and travel, though reductions in carbon emissions from offices were still not on track.

Sustainable Development in Government: Challenges for Government was released in May 2009, as an accompanying report on the 2008 assessment data. The document presents a series of recommendations to help Government make the further changes necessary to build on good work so far. We focussed on six specific areas of government performance:
• Carbon
• Energy
• Travel
• Waste
• Water
• Biodiversity

For each area, we assess the government's performance so far, identify the issues and challenges related to that level of performance, and make recommendations for future improvements.

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