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Climate Change Seminars: Supporting effective debate on the Scottish Climate Change Bill - Seminar Four

Classification:Climate Change
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:20081126climatechangesummaryFINAL.pdf - 29 KB
Summary:imageSeminar Four: Scrutiny and Technical Challenges for the Scottish Climate Change Bill

The final seminar considered the specific technical challenges facing MSPs in developing an effective Scottish Bill. Two presentations were made to the seminar – Philip Wright (Scottish Government) provided an overview of the UK Climate Change Bill and its links to the planned Scottish legislation. Dr. Richard Dixon (WWF Scotland) provided an NGO perspective on the Scottish Bill and the issues that WWF Scotland believes still need to be addressed by the Scottish legislation.
Purpose:Fourth in a series of four seminars intended to inform MSPs’ scrutiny of the Climate Change Bill - helping MSPs explore climate change with experts from within Scotland and elsewhere and thus raise the experts' awareness of the developments in climate change policy and legislation in Scotland

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