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Health, Place and Nature: Presentation

Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:Outdoor_environment_and_health_presentation.ppt - 3726 KB
Summary:imageThis slideset accompanies the Health, Place and Nature report.

The health of the UK population continues to improve, measured in terms of increasing life expectancy and decreasing infant mortality. However, significant problems remain. Health inequalities persist and obesity-related diseases are increasing.

Health, Place and Nature examines the contribution of aspects of the outdoor environment (both natural and built) to health. It draws
together evidence to provide a comprehensive knowledge base to be used by those promoting a more sustainable approach to the natural and built environment and health.

The report demonstrates that, for people to be healthy, the environment around us must be health enhancing and provide opportunities to live a healthy life. To improve health and reduce health inequalities it is vital to ensure that the natural environment is protected and enhanced and that communities are built and maintained to be truly sustainable.

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