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Green, Healthy and Fair

Classification:Food, Sustainable Consumption & Production
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
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Summary:imageGreen, Healthy and Fair is the SDC's review of the Government’s role in enabling supermarkets to deliver a sustainable food system in the UK.

The review focuses on how successfully the Government supports sustainable supermarket food in the UK. We review the effectiveness of government policies towards the food system and supermarkets and the extent to which these policies are helping or hindering progress towards sustainable development.

"Government cannot resolve the problems of obesity, waste or climate change alone. Given the enormous influence wielded by supermarkets, working with them effectively is essential." - Tim Lang, SDC Commissioner

Our research shows that supermarkets are frustrated by a perceived lack of long-term government strategy on how the food sector can and must contribute to government policy goals. In the course of this review, supermarkets said they were willing to work with government to develop a coherent vision for a green, healthy and fair food system, with a roadmap that identifies priorities for retailers, continues to build the evidence base and implements the range of policy tools that will enable progress.

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