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You Are What You Sell

Classification:Sustainable Consumption & Production
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
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Summary:imageWhat if the products we buy could talk about their journeys to the shelf? Imagine a private detective browsing your shopping bags, or the shelves of your local supermarket. Would we be embarrassed or happy with what they found out?

As consumers, much of our impact on the planet is through the purchase and use of products. Products are therefore key to reconciling the twin objectives of sustainable development, ‘a strong, healthy and just society’ and ‘living within environmental limits’.

The SDC published You are what you sell in 2007 to create enthusiasm in businesses and government around the potential of products to help realise sustainable development. Businesses taking a products-approach to sustainability can anticipate the future and shape policy, as well as building brand value and minimising supply chain risks.

The SDC report I will if you will advocated 'product roadmapping' as a way to drive continuous reductions in the impacts of products. You are what you sell turns that aspriration into practical guidance on how roadmaps can facilitate collaboration between government and business in order to achieve strong and swift improvements in the sustainability of products.

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