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Healthy Futures #4: Are you a good corporate citizen?

Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:HF4-final.pdf - 147 KB
Summary:imageThis publication is based on the former version of the Good Corporate Citizenship Assessment Model. This tool has now been re-developed and updated and this publication is now superseded by our Healthy Futures #8 publication based on the updated version of the Model.

Good Corporate Citizenship describes how NHS organisations can embrace sustainable development and tackle health inequalities through day-to-day activities: how they employ staff, design and construct buildings, purchase goods and services and manage their resources. It makes good business sense. NHS organisations can benefit from financial savings, a healthier local population, faster patient recovery rates and improved staff morale. And our communities, economy and environment will benefit from having the country’s largest employer and biggest spender fully committed to strengthening links with communities, improving its employment practices and developing in ways that support sustainable development.

This publication is the fourth in a series that explores how the NHS can contribute to sustainable development. It introduces the first Good Corporate Citizenship Self-Assessment Model, which helps organisations providing healthcare to promote social cohesion, strong local economies and a healthy environment.

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