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Wind Power in the UK

Classification:Sustainable Communities, Housing and Regeneration, Energy, Climate Change
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
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Summary:imageThe SDC believes that to tackle the problems of climate change and energy security, wind power must be made to work.

Our report Wind Power in the UK aims to help policy-makers and planners balance genuine local concerns with wider environmental and social needs, thereby allowing the benefits of renewable energy to be realised through careful design and consultation.

It can also be used as a good practice guide by those involved in onshore wind farm development.

The report was published in May 2005, with funding from the Department for Trade & Industry (now Department for Business, Innovation & Skills).

Our findings include:

• The UK has the best and most geographically diverse wind resources in Europe, more than enough to meet current renewable energy targets
• Technological advances mean there are no limits to the amount of wind capacity that can be added to an electricity system
• Planners and decision-makers should involve communities in effective public consultation from an early stage, and their concerns must be addressed; solutions exist to many such issues
• Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy and increasing supply to 20 per cent by 2020 would present only a very modest increase in cost for consumers that compares well with other energy sources. Indeed, as fossil fuel prices increase and wind turbines become cheaper to build, wind power may even become one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation over the next 15 years
• Wind power will displace fossil-fuelled plant, and there is no need for dedicated ‘backup’ plant to cope with wind
• Wind farms have been most successful where good working partnerships are formed.

Wind Power in the UK was supplemented by a shortened version of the report entitled Wind Power: Your questions answered. The booklet is written for householders wishing to get a better idea of how wind power will affect them.

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