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Sustainability implications for the Little Red Tractor scheme

Classification:Sustainable Consumption & Production, Farming, Food
Document type:Consultant Reports
Download:050119 Sustainability implications of the Little Red Tractor scheme.pdf - 593 KB
Summary:imageThis report calls for improvements to food assurance schemes to offer better choice for consumers in terms of environmental, welfare and nutritional

'Sustainability Implications of the Little Red Tractor Scheme' analyses the main stamp of approval for British food, set up in 2000 to reassure people on food safety, animal welfare and environmental impacts. It claims that the Little Red Tractor (LRT), now managed by Assured Food Standards (AFS), does not go far enough.

The Commission is recommending that a more ambitious approach is needed, and is calling both for an improvement in the LRT standards, and for an assurance scheme that helps the consumer identify food products that significantly exceed the current LRT baseline. This could be done through either:

• An amalgamation of existing assurance schemes, such as Freedom Food, LEAF, Conservation Grade, Fair Trade, etc; or

• The creation of a freestanding, comprehensive assurance scheme based on standards that are compatible with the principles of sustainable food.

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