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National Infrastructure - Embedding sustainable development in decision making

Classification:Housing and Regeneration, Governance, Natural Resources
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:National_Infrastructure.pdf - 301 KB
Summary:imageThe planning regime has often been criticised for lacking a joined-up and coherent approach to delivering much needed nationally significant infrastructure projects. These qualities need to be essential elements of a regime that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has tasked with delivering £200 billion of investment in energy infrastructure alone by 2020.

The reforms of the Planning Act 2008 and outlined in the Localism Bill, National Infrastructure Work Plan and the much anticipated "simple and consolidated national planning framework covering all forms of development" need to be joined up with a view to delivering sustainable development, not just development.

This report sets out recommendations to Government that will help rectify some key issues with the reforms and help the planning system deliver holistically on its primary stated aim of sustainable development.

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