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Departmental Sustainability Assessment - Findings and Recommendations

Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:DSA_DWP_report_artwork.pdf - 703 KB
Summary:imageOver the past year the SDC has been working with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to pilot a new approach to assessing the sustainability performance and capability of a Government Department. This report provides a summary of the SDC’s findings and recommendations based on the Departmental Sustainability Assessment (DSA) method. A DSA is a both a capability-building tool and an in-depth analysis of a single Department’s sustainability performance across the areas of: leadership & governance, policy, people, operations, procurement and the processes that underpin each of these. It also provides recommendations on how to improve this performance in the long-term to deliver more efficient and effective outcomes.

The aim is to establish how well the sustainable development principles are being applied within DWP’s core business and to identify both positive and negative practices, impacts and any opportunities. The benefit to the Department of such an approach is the provision of independent advice to enable further progress on conducting its core business more sustainably and therefore more efficiently. In particular, DWP will be better positioned to contribute to the Government’s aims of "mainstreaming sustainable development" and being the "greenest Government ever" through, for example, reducing its carbon emissions by 10% in the first year of the new administration and delivering greater social justice in the long-term through better public policy.

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