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Healthy Futures #9: Commissioning for Sustainable Development

Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:Healthy Futures 9.pdf - 834 KB
Summary:imageNHS commissioners have huge power, and huge responsibility. Holding over 80% of the NHS budget, they make decisions that can have immediate and long-lasting consequences in the communities they serve.

Good corporate citizenship is the term used by the NHS to describe how NHS organisations can use their power and influence to embrace sustainable development – and by doing so achieve a wide range of benefits, including: contributing to more effective commissioning; supporting the quality and productivity challenge; improving quality of care and making more efficient use of funds; making effective, strategic long term plans that improve health; producing positive outcomes for service users, the wider public and the environment; achieving good value for money for the tax payer; moving from treatment to prevention; addressing risks posed by energy insecurity, carbon costs and climate change; and contributing to a healthy environment and a sustainable NHS.

This publication is the ninth in a series looking at how the NHS can contribute to sustainable development. It is the first to focus on how sustainable development can become an integrated element of NHS core business.

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