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Low Carbon Wales: Regional Priorities For Action

Classification:Climate Change
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Summary:imageIf we are to avoid the worst-case climate change scenarios, an urgent transition to low carbon living is needed. In Low Carbon Wales: Regional priorities for action, SDC Wales sets out a plan for such a transition at a region by region level across Wales. Building on the existing approach of the Wales Spatial Plan, the strategy recognises the importance of cross-boundary, cross-sector working in building a more sustainable society.

Examples of the carbon-cutting priorities for each region include:

Central Wales – Protecting carbon stored in the soil, engaging with communities to maximise the benefits of renewable energy.

North East Wales – Working with the industrial base in the region to increase resource efficiency

North West Wales – Promoting local food, generating low carbon electricity, protecting soil carbon.

Pembrokeshire – Building on the area’s status as an energy centre, working with industry to develop low- carbon solutions. On transport - video conferencing and electric vehicle recharging hubs.

South East Wales – A focus on travel – reducing the need e.g. through teleworking and promoting a shift towards lower-carbon choices e.g. car share, cycling and public transport.

Swansea Bay and Western Valleys – Working towards a low carbon economy: supporting research and development of low-carbon technologies and exploring opportunities for the knowledge economy in a low-carbon future.

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