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Sustainable Lives - What will sustainable lifestyles look like?

Classification:Breakthroughs, Sustainable Consumption & Production, Business
Document type:SDC Reports & Papers
Download:SDC_sustainable_lives_3.pdf - 527 KB
Summary:imageAs much as we recycle, insulate our lofts and try to use fewer carrier bags, we are still far from living sustainable lives. We aren’t yet able to describe what low carbon, one planet, poverty-free lifestyles – that are accessible to everyone – could look like. And when we try we often get it wrong by overselling the romantic alternative lifestyle, or setting sterile targets that mean little to citizens lives or businesses.

In Sustainable Lives, published in 2009, Alan Knight, ex- SDC Commissioner for Business and Sustainable Consumption, outlines ten key principles for determining what a sustainable lifestyle might look like. The paper is intended as a provocation to stimulate discussion and debate around the actions needed to allow people to live sustainable lives.

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