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"Sustainability is key to food security" - SDC responds to Defra food security assessment

10 August 2009

Vegetable stall

In response to the government's assessment of how the food and drink industry can secure the UK’s food supply, SDC Commissioner Tim Lang, also Professor of Food Policy at City University London, said:

"Very serious issues confront the world of food. Climate change, shortages in water and energy and geo-political uncertainties all mean that change for consumers is highly likely. The issue is how radical those changes will be, and how soft or hard the policy changes will be. Certainly they'll affect consumer food culture. So it's good to see Defra championing the view that the UK's food system needs to become very different.

"The UK needs to get to the bottom of what a sustainable food supply might look like. Government, industry and consumers all need to change and some difficult decisions will lie ahead. There are no quick fixes to the UK’s food challenges. The dominant language of recent years has centred on markets, choice and consumer sovereignty. These are too simplistic now. Politics needs to move fast."

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